Instant Impact©

Increasing complexity and speed are now forcing companies to focus simultaneously on optimising and renewing their products and business models. What used to be done in phases must now be done simultaneously.

To make organisations more agile, efficient collaboration of cross-functional teams is a crucial success factor.

This is exactly where Instant Impact© comes in: it’s our method for immediate impact in growth projects.


Effective cooperation

Instant Impact© is an agile framework that helps you stay in control. Four perspectives allow specialists from different functions to work together in one simple big picture.

By doing so you will develop growth projects that are customer-oriented, build on the organisation’s core competencies, and become embedded in your ongoing business.


The big picture

Collaboration on complex issues must be simple. The Instant Impact© Canvas makes this possible. From the first hypothesis to implementation, growth projects are managed in an integrated way.

Its special feature is to combine perspectives on the process (development/validation) and the structure (organisation/market). In this way, interrelationships and dependencies in development are continuously and holistically identified.

Agile process

The foundation for Instant Impact© is formed by various agile approaches, to ensure that it builds on methods that have already been learned.

Control through predefined responsibilities according to the four perspectives enables effective and integrated collaboration across cross-functional teams.


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