Creation of a new class

Creation of a new class

The name Suchard has stood for indulgence at the highest level for many years. With the establishment of its own product category ‘True Chocolate’, the brand is to be upgraded to a premium position.


Suchard wanted to establish its traditional brand in the Austrian market as a premium product.


&US developed the concept of ‘True Chocolate’ based on Suchard’s high-quality product characteristics. The standalone positioning characterises the entire portfolio of the brand.


Suchard was able to establish a new chocolate category that defines the entire Suchard brand. Due to the unique positioning, there was no need for additional explanation in the communication.

The newly developed strategy positioned the brand as an antithesis to our fast-paced and superficial times. Suchard’s dark chocolate was classified as ‘True Chocolate’ – a new category in its own right and representing a unique position, promise and claim at the same time.

In the entire communication strategy, Suchard stands for “true chocolate enjoyment” and is presented in the accompanying campaign as a modern classic that embodies true values detached from the current zeitgeist.

To establish Suchard as a class of its own, a TV spot and supporting OOH and online advertising media were used. The website relaunch in the adapted brand design was also an important part of the repositioning.

The strategy that was developed here fully reflects our claim to premium and is just the right way for us to be able to stand out from the competition significantly - also in the long term

Philipp Wallisch

Marketing Manager Tablets DACHU atMondelez International

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