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Change with certainty

Change with certainty

For DONAU Versicherung, the focus is on people and the protection of what is important to them. Whether young or old, single or with a large family, DONAU has the right insurance solution for every life situation, including those brought about by digital transformation.


DONAU Versicherung wanted to occupy a clear niche. From this position, growth potentials were raised and translated into lead-generating marketing and sales measures.


&US provided holistic support from positioning to campaigning and building digital distribution options – all with the aim of generating growth.


With its clear positioning and 360-degree campaign, DONAU has created themes that support advisors in sales, increased awareness in the market and therefore promoted sales.

The DONAU campaign was based on the realities of life – how it may be upbeat, easy and sometimes full of happiness, but also occasionally difficult and marked by worries. The focus was very much on people and on these diverse life experiences. The DONAU campaign demonstrated how ups and downs in life can be lived more pleasantly and calmly with the right insurance on your side.

The positioning of the company as a customer and service-oriented insurer in Austria was emphasised with authentic and attention-grabbing stories. Within the 360-degree campaign, the company’s message could be seen and heard on TV and radio as well as online. To address prospective users, we relied on target-group specific targeting and continually optimised the digital campaign.

We adjusted messages and the content of the campaign to take into account different channels and their formats, tonality, and styles. In this way, we ensured that the various target groups of DONAU Versicherung would recognise themselves in the content.

Creative executions used on Facebook and aimed at social media users were presented in short and crisp video formats. In creating moving image content, deliberate attention was paid to targeting younger age groups.

For the radio campaign customers were invited to engage input. The statement ‘This is how I imagine it’ took listeners on a journey in their mind. A situation was first presented and then the problem humorously solved with the help of an insurance product. Why not have a listen yourself?

DONAU puts people at the centre of what it does, so it is only logical to also position them as the fulcrum of our new campaign. &US has developed the right campaign to show what contribution insurance can make to enhancing quality of life

Reinhard Gojer

Board of Directors, DONAU Versicherung

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